David-Treating-back-problemA widely experienced Chiropractor of over 14 years; motivated by a passion to help people in need and bring relief from pain. Inspired by successful treatment from a Chiropractor, at the age of 14, following a low back sporting injury, David decided to make Chiropractic his chosen career.
In 1996 he Qualified with a degree from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic.

Following qualification he worked for two years in two clinics in the Edgware and Greys area of London but had the Vision to open his own Chiropractic clinic in his home town of Luton, Bedfordshire.

In 1999 David and his wife, Mary, achieved this and the Back to Back clinic was established. Such was the success of the clinic in meeting people’s needs David was congratulated by the mayor of Luton for this achievement. Recognition of David’s chiropractic abilities also came as he was approached, within the first two years, to work along side the Luton Town’s Football club (LTFC) medical team, treating their football players and staff. David is still currently enjoying his relationship within the club treating numerous sports injuries. Part of the role is to advise LTFC management whether or not players should be contracted into the club. David has seen a number of players he has treated at various times progress from LTFC to play within premiership clubs and international teams for their own countries. A fact from which he draws satisfaction that he kept their footballing careers on track.

The success of the Back to Back/LTFC relationship can be seen by the fact that on 26th January 2005 LTFC opened the newly installed Back to Back X-ray facilities. This has proved indispensable to the clinic providing vital knowledge and insight regarding patients’ health. This facility enables immediate referral of patients for Hospital treatment if necessary.

In 2003 David was approached by the Heinz Frozen Foods Occupational Health Team to be retained to conduct assessments and provide treatment of their employees. (see testimonial)

His Chiropractic philosophy in the treatment of patients is to invest in the best diagnostic equipment that he can possibly get within the clinic in order to blend traditional chiropractic methods over the last 100 years with current scientific advances

David-with-Gary-BrabinOf particular concern and interest to David with each patient is to look at the ‘whole’ person, not just at the symptoms that present themselves. This can reveal previously unidentified issues – for example, it may be necessary to apply the use of orthotics to correct feet, pronation (turned in foot) to resolve their back issue. Further, more specific spinal adjustments may be required or stretching techniques to correct balance and co-ordination problems affecting the low back. The popular myth is that Chiropractors only treat the back. In fact, Chiropractors treat bio mechanical problems in most places of the body.

David continues to pursue his passion to see people restored in health through the ongoing pursuit of his own professional development; studying, learning and employing new techniques; researching best practice from around the world.

He rightly takes pride in the Back to Back Chiropractic clinic and is grateful for the continued support of his wife in realising his dreams and for the Back to Back administration team who provide a second to none, hassle free service to patients. The Clinic’s Chiropractic and massage services are considerably strengthened by associate Chiropractor, Paula Garcia and Kelly Mitchell (sports therapist).