Kelly Mitchell Bsc (HONS) is the resident sports therapist at Back to Back.

She has been a part of the team since February 2009 and within a matter of months an extensive client base was established and the demand for a local Sports Therapist was evident.

The results of the integration, of Sports Therapy into the Chiropractic clinic speak for themselves; the clients now have the ability to obtain the information to optimise their performance in Sport and receive regular maintenance massage as well as receive the appropriate treatment or advice when injured in the convenience of one clinic.

The facilities offered on site include x-ray and comprehensive posture analysis using the latest in equipment.

Kelly graduated form the University of Bedfordshire with a Sports Therapy degree with Honours in 2008 after studying a FND Sports Therapy. Her three years studying sports therapy allowed her to explore the many aspects of sports injuries and the extensive rehabilitation included in returning to sport.

“After exploring many aspects of sports medicine, Sports Therapy drew my attention; this was probably due to the various components that made up the profession, from rehabilitation to the psychology of sports injuries, nutrition and analysing biomechanical movements specific to each sport.

It is so rewarding to see the rate of improvement in the patients, some of which have seen their injury as career ending, seeing their own improvement and having control of their own recovery have instilled strength and determination in which are valuable in their day to day lives as well as in their chosen sport.

Sports Therapy is not just for the professional athlete; on the contrary research indicates that Sports Therapy is as beneficial to the general public as sporting professionals as has beneficial properties to aid circulation and lymphatic drainage among others.

I am pleased with the direction the clinic is heading and looking forward to the future of Back to Back as a comprehensive Injury clinic”

When visiting the clinic, patients are greeted by the friendly reception team who are accountable for the laid back atmosphere and positive environment. They are knowledgeable in all treatments available and always go the extra mile to point you in the right direction.

Dr David Leu and Dr Paula Garcia are the hard working, experienced team of Chiropractors at the clinic responsible for ensuring the level of patient care does not deviate from exceptional, their combined experience and knowledge promote confidence in all who seek relief form joint pain and their work really does change quality of life.

“I would like to thank all the staff for the hard work it took to make the integration work and all our clients at Back to Back for their continuing support, and look forward to seeing the practise grow in the future”