Chiropractic Care was shown to help avoid or reduce the incidence of other more expensive forms of treatment.

This 1992 study was conducted to determine the value of including chiropractic in Virginia’s mandated health care coverage. The research was conducted by a professor of economics and preventive medicine. Because chiropractic care could help avoid more costly types of treatment, it was concluded that mandating chiropractic coverage could actually reduce costs.

Chiropractic Compared Favorably
The researchers conducted a thorough investigation between chiropractic and traditional medical treatment. While their primary focus was on the costs associated with including chiropractic coverage, they explored safety issues, efficacy, wage loss, and treatment frequency. Before reaching their conclusions they reviewed 35 different comparisons.

A concern explored in their research was whether expanding coverage to include chiropractic would increase costs to the state. This concern seemed to unfounded.
The evidence they present shows that chiropractic care provides substantial benefits at a relatively low cost. They concluded that adding chiropractic benefits would have a very small impact on health insurance expenditures and might actually lower overall health care costs.